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Waldo Canyon Loop Trail

Waldo Canyon Trail Like the Catamount Trail, another trail Green Mountain Falls is the Waldo Canyon Loop Trail, a seven mile loop between the towns of Manitou Springs and Cascade. The parking lot and trailhead is located on the westbound side of Highway 24.

You'll enjoy very scenic views of Pikes Peak along the higher points of the loop t as seen in the third photo below. The western side of the loop is more forested and runs along the Waldo Canyon Creek. Near the highest and eastern most point in the loop, there is a spur trail that leads down into the adjacent canyon, Williams Canyon, which leads right into downtown Manitou Springs.

Please note: Waldo Canyon has a well-earned reputation of receiving many lightning strikes over the years. If you sense a thunder storm is approaching, please use caution!

The photos below were taken in November 2006 during a sunny and unseasonably warm day. It was a great day for a hike!


Waldo Canyon Loop Trail
Waldo Canyon Trail My friend Scott snaps a picture.
Waldo Canyon The view looking out towards Manitou Springs. The canyon in the foreground is Waldo Canyon.
Pikes Peak Along the higher part of the loop, you'll have great views of Pikes Peak like this one.

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