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THE TOWN GAZEBO! - The Gazebo In Downtown Green Mountian Falls, Colorado

Gazebo in Green Mountain Falls, ColoradoThe Gazebo! It is undoubtedly the most popular landmark in our town. Visitors frequently have been known to stop in Green Mountain Falls just to spend some "peaceful time" at the lake and gazebo. You can't blame them!

The Gazebo has become so popular that many have wedding ceremonies on the manmade island in the middle of the lake. If you're interested in reserving the gazebo for your wedding or special occasion, contact Town Hall for rates, times and information.

Of course, the gazebo and lake are very popular with fishing and picnicing in the summer, and ice skaters in the winter. Couples seeking romance holding hands, poets or folks relaxing with a good book can be frequently amidst the peaceful setting. The gazebo and lake is also the primary site of the annual "Bronc Days" festival held annually in early August.

I, the webmaster, have only attended one wedding at the gazebo. It was on September 30, 2000, and uh, the weather was fairly inclement. We endured a wedding during a windy, slushy cold snowstorm! Click here (a new window will open) to see photos of the wedding at the gazebo! :)

One more photo of our beloved gazebo in Green Mountain Falls ...

You are welcome to share your memories, experiences or general comments about the Green Mountain Falls gazebo on the Green Mountain Falls forums!

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