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Catamount Trail - A Hike In Green Mountian Falls, Colorado

Colorado Springs Area HikeOne of the more popular local hikes is the Catamount Trail. To get there, walk up Hondo Avenue and walk through the gate towards the Catamount waterfall. The waterfall itself is a frequently visited site and it's common to see locals walking their dogs in the area.

The Catamount trail is somewhat steeps as it climbs up and over towards Catamount Reservoir. Below is a photo the town of Green Mountain Falls from an overlook, approximately one mile from the trailhead.

Other hikes in the region include the Waldo Canyon Loop Trail, Barr Trail in Manitou Springs, the Crags in Teller County, Mueller State Park and trails inside North Cheyenne Canyon in Colorado Springs.

A scenic view of Ute Pass and the town center from Catamount Trail...

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